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Virtual Phone System
in your Smartphone
for $5.99/mo

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No technical discussions and lengthy explanations

The optimization of your services is our first priority – we offer telephone solutions that will best fit your needs. We seek to deliver the ultimate in value to our clients


Feel free to communicate while you are abroad

Say goodbye to costly roaming charges. Our service is geographically independent, thus you can use it anywhere in the world with any internet connections


When it comes to phone services, reliability is key

We design telecommunications solutions with multiple redundancies and downtime safeguards, ensuring that no matter what happens, your phone will keep ringing

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Softphone features


Displays the current balance and free minutes for outgoing calls

Call Through

The ability to make outgoing calls through a special access number

Call Recording

The possibility to record a call and send a file by e-mail


Displays the cost of outgoing calls to destinations

Short Messages

Instant text messaging within the network

Call History

Displaying the call log (incoming, outgoing, missed, recorded)

Business phone features and options

Auto Attendant

An automated call answering and processing system that guides callers through voice menu options. IVR may play a greeting and ask the caller to dial an extension number to route the call to the appropriate department or recipient. Multi-level menus are supported.

Call Center

Callers are placed in an on-hold system that answers calls according to callers' priority, from highest (usually callers who have been waiting the longest) to lowest. Call Queues are extremely useful for a large number of simultaneous incoming calls.

Multiple Offices

Many businesses have multiple offices, be it in different locations, areas or different floors. Multiple Offices allows to work together, connecting large employee bases of each office and giving them access to all Virtual Phone System features.

Interactive Dialer

The Dialer is a powerful and interactive universal calling tool that allows you to reach and communicate with your existing and potential customers without involving a large team of customer service representatives.

Appointment Remainder

The Reminder is an essential customer service management tool for appointment-based businesses that enables automation of appointment confirmation, cancellation and rescheduling.

Additional Features

Ring groups, Conference calls, Call recordings, Voicemail to email, Caller ID, Call Hold, Call Transfer, Company directory, Time conditions, Follow me, Fax to email, Paging and Intercom and much more.

We price-match our competitors – with 10% off!

We guarantee to offer prices that are on par or lower than those charged by major business phone service providers. We will price-match every service on our list to existing competitor's rates and add an extra 10% discount too! The optimization of your services is our first priority – we offer telephone solutions that will best fit your business needs.

Concierge Service is there to answer all your inquiries

Our Concierge Service is there to answer all your inquiries with an average response time of under 60 seconds. The maximum time you may spend on hold is only five minutes. Every Concierge can assist with any question or concern relating to services, from billing to technical issues and service upgrades. You will not be bounced around from agent to agent.

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Phone plans and features

Calling Plan

Caller ID

Name Display

Voicemail to Email

Call Recording

Follow Me

Failover Guard

Call Waiting

Call Transfer

3 Way Conference




Canada-wide 500 min 




Canada and USA 700 min 




Canada-wide unlimited




Canada and USA unlimited




50+ Countries unlimited

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We offer a great alternative to overpriced business phone plans of major phone service providers

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop us a line

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